Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yay... I did it!!!! I am finally pushing myself to start this recipe blog. When I was little, I would pretend to have cooking shows, making disgusting unedible things... and thinking I was awesome. Now, at 25, I make decent things.. and of course still think that I'm awesome. Sooo, I thought I'd let everyone in on the awesomeness.

I love to browse in my free time because that's how I roll and I HATE when people comment on how to change the recipe. They almost always suggest changes that completely alter the entire thing!!! So, although I welcome comments... try to divert from telling me how much I suck and how I shouldn't think about taking one more step into the kitchen EVER AGAIN :)

Now that that's out to the way, let's get it on (food wise... pervs).