Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cowboy Potatoes

I LOVE Carbs!!! So you'll see a lot of them on here. Potatoes are probably my biggest carb love, so what better way to introduce my affair with them then COWBOY POTATOES!!!

Again, I have a big eater at home... PLUS I eat the crap out of these things... so I make a lot of them. They taste as delicious the next day for breakfast... yeah, I eat things like this for breakfast.

4-6 potatoes (Again, depending on how much ppl you need to feed)
1 Onion, sliced
1/2 package of bacon - full package of bacon
Cheddar Cheese

Brown the bacon in a skillet and set aside. Peel and cut the potatoes into disks. Sometimes I cut them into half moons when I'm feeling spicy. Put the potatoes in the same skillet, using that bacon fat because it'll give this side dish a really good flavor, but if you're healthy or something like that... maybe you should just skip this recipe entirely. :P Top them with the onions and some Salt and Pepa (as I like to call it). Because I HATE a crunchy potato, I cover my skillet with a lid to ensure a fully cook tator. This is where it gets really casual. I haven't timed the exact moment when the potatoes seem perfectly cooked. I usually just go back and forth... since the potatoes need to be moved around so they don't burn. But I'd say 15 minutes at most.

Once the potatoes are perfect-o, top them with the cheddar cheese... however much your heart desires... or handle :) AND then top all that with the bacon bacon BACON!!! You may want to put the lid back on to hurry along the process of the cheese melting.

Cass and I eat these while we're camping mostly (in a dutch oven, mother in law makes THE BEST!!!) and we always go all out when we are camping.... so don't think I make these bad boys everyday. They are what I call "special food". But very very tasty "special food".